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See Saw Game Online - Play Free See Saw Web Game

The objective of the See Saw game is to get to a certain amount of points for each level. All you have to do is find words and earn enough points to reach your target. The longer the word, the more points you get. Get the most points you can. A good tip would be to try and get the long words by pressing the "i need help" button. Hints will be displayed and if you get the word, you will have tons of points. Be wary of the clock, because it is game over it you don't hit your point target and run out of time. Have Fun!

Play See Saw game online for free today

Do you like addicting word puzzles, and also to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free See Saw game online. Am I right? ;)

How to play See Saw game online

Use Mouse to play this game (point and click). Click on a Letter on the Grid to form a word. A letter may be selected if it is adjacent to the last selected letter in the word, and if it is not already selected. Click on a letter to select, and click again to deselect. Pressing the Backspace key can also be used to deselect the last letter in the selection. You may check if your word is valid by clicking on the "Check Word" button. The Enter key may also be used. The "Clear" button allows you to deselect all the selected letters. The Spacebar works the same way. The Grid has been preplotted with three hidden words (always more than 5 letters) which give extra points when found. Click the "I need help" button to get hints regarding these words so you'll know what to look for.

See Saw game has nothing to do with Seesaw

The See Saw game has nothing to do with Seesaw which is a long, narrow board pivoted in the middle so that, as one end goes up, the other goes down (also known as a teeter-totter or teeter board).

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