Ball Puzzle

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Crazy Monkey Ball Puzzle Game Online - Play Free Ball Puzzles

Ball Puzzle is a fun puzzle game by Crazy Monkey Games. The objective of Ball Puzzle is to guide the ball to the exit. The game has 28 levels so get ready for some fun. The first levels are quite simple, but it will get a lot harder as the game progress, and level 28 is said to be impossible to beat. Can you beat level 28? Have Fun!

Play Ball Puzzle game onlin for free today

Do you like puzzles involving moving balls, and do you also enjoy to play free online games? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Ball Puzzle web game. Am I right? ;)

How to play Crazy Monkey Ball Puzzle game online

Use the arrow keys to move the ball. Easy to learn, hard to master. Remember, when you move the ball, it will keep going in that direction until it hits something. There are also some special squares you should know about.Green Square: Touch this to complete a level. Orange Square: Touch one of these and you will teleport to the other one. When you come out of the other one, you will keep moving in the direction from which you approached the first one. Pink Square: You can only pass through these if you are moving in the direction the arrows are pointing. If you hit it from a different direction, it will behave like a normal block.

Why ball puzzles are good for your brain

Give your brain a workout by playing fun games that sharpen your mind. Games and puzzles that are intellectually challenging give your brain a workout. Over time, when one type of puzzle becomes easy for you, try a more advanced version or a new game. In order to benefit your mind, puzzles must always be challenging and engaging, and ball puzzles tend to be exactly that.

Ball Puzzle is another game by Crazy Monkey Games was created to provide a fun, friendly, and entertaining website for everyone to enjoy. Our goal is to become your destination of choice for playing free online games. They want you to enjoy your time at the Crazy Monkey website, and they want to make sure that the time you spend on Crazy Monkey Games will be spent playing the latest and greatest online games and not closing popup windows and dodging spyware.

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