Ancient Maya Treasures

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Ancient Maya Treasures Game Online - Play Free Remove Gems Web Games

In Ancient Maya Treasures you are supposed to remove the bricks that are embedded in the grids, by getting 3 or more similar gems to come together. When you match these three they will be removed and other will fall into their place. You are to find a way in which you and remove all the slabs. The Ancient Maya Treasures game is timed so you know how much time you have to complete the task. When you get a set of three, and when the ones that fall into place also form a set, then you will get a combo score and this greatly increases the point score from that move. Another point to note is that there are special items which can help you to get rid of more. There are special gems which will remove the gems in a straight diagonal line; there is also the bomb which will remove all the gems in the shape of an L. You can also get the clock, and this one will add time of one minute to the clock thereby giving you more time to accomplish the task. A dynamite will remove all the gems that are in the sign of a cross. You can also get the lightning bolt which will remove 7 gems randomly. This is what makes this free online game so exciting to play. All you will be doing is exploding gems and removing slabs in your search for the treasure. So you may be in the forests of Guatemala looking for gold trinkets which you can then sell online for a fortune. Ancient Maya Treasures is an online gems game where you need a quick eye and a fast finger in order to make it to the next level. You do want to go up the mountains and see if some of the caves will have some treasure hidden in them. Have Fun!

How to play Ancient Maya Treasures game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Facts About the Maya Civilization

You need to understand the Maya culture so you can really enjoy this free online gems game by the name of Ancient Maya Treasures. The Maya were an American civilization that had great architecture, a fully developed written language system, full mathematical and astronomical system and they were great artists. You can find the influence of the Maya through Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, and El Salvador; you can even find their influence at the center of Mexico. The parts that are found outside this area are said to have been there due to trade and not because of anything to do with conquering them. This was a great civilization and it is believed that they hid treasure somewhere on the continent. People have always tried to look for the treasures but to no avail. In this free online game you are breaking gems which are revealing a journey that will lead you to these treasures. Gems games are all about coming up with the best way to break the gems, remove the brick walls and move on to the next level. The faster that you clear any given level, then the more bonus points that you get so keep that in mind when you play these types of free online games.

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