Bee Honey

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Bee Honey Game Online - Play Free Fun Bejeweled Bees Games

Bee Honey is a free online bejeweled game which you play by the feeling in your gut. The fun online game has odd movements of gems when you have removed some of them. The gems are actually bees, and maybe the developer wanted it to mimic the natural movement of bees when they are in flight or working in the hive. The bees will sometimes slide past one another, or under one another. There may be vertical filling of the empty spaces, or they may be filled in a diagonal way, with the bees tumbling over each other like rocks would if they were rolling down a hill. The way that the bees move in unconventional ways, means that you will have to come up with an unconventional strategy to score high in the Bee Honey game. This bejeweled game is very colorful and interesting to play. Every level ends when you have completely removed the highlighted bees. The bees become highlighted because the background glows, perhaps, like honey glows. This bejeweled challenge is similar to that whereby you have to remove backgrounds from the cells in order to complete a level. You are supposed to match any three or more bees of the same color in order to remove them from the game. Getting combos is easy in the Bee Honey game, and all you have to do is make as many points as you can in the shortest time possible. Although the fun online game is timed, it will not shut you down, but the time will determine how many bonus points you get at the end of each level. At every level, the shape of the board will change, and this will add some challenge to any alternative strategy that you may have come up with in the previous level. Come and harvest some honey by playing this free online bejeweled game. Have Fun!

How to play Bee Honey game online

Use your arrow keys to play this free online game.

Bees and Honey

How would you like to get some honey as you play a free online bejeweled game to while you time away? Bee Honey is a free online game that actually makes you feel like you are in a hive. The bees move in ways that are not normal in online bejeweled games. When you remove a set of three or more, you may be surprised by how they fill the empty spaces; it is never the same. This makes it very hard to come up with a concrete strategy, since you may think that a bee of a certain color will end up in a certain position, only for the one above it to slide under it and unto the space you though it would end up in. Very confusing indeed but that is what makes the fun online game so interesting to play. The Bee Honey game will not end until you have removed all the highlighted tiles, which make the bees have a glowing line cross their face. Although you are being timed, you will not be shut down, but your bonus points will reflect whether you are fast or slow. Bee Honey is great online game so get ready to move some bees around and get whatever honey, in terms of fun, that they have for you.

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