Bejeweled Fruits

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Bejeweled Fruits Game Online - Play Free Fun Bejeweled Web Games

Fruits Bejeweled is a free online gems game where you act like a farmer and harvest your fruits. Imagine that you have to go to the market and sell you fruits. The amount of profit that you stand to make will depend on the number of fruits that you can make. The free online game has three different modes, and these are easy, medium and hard. Each of these modes has 5 levels, and each level has a threshold. The first level has a threshold of 1000 points, the second, 2000 points, etc. Each level also has a timer, but it will not shut you down if you reach the threshold; instead it will continue counting down, giving you the opportunity to get bonus points which will be added in the next level. For example, if you reach 1,000 points and the timer still has a minute of play left, you can use this time to make another 500 points or so. This means that when you go to the second level, you will only have to make another 500 points in order to beat the threshold. The trend continues, and you may just get to level three after you have already crossed the 3,000 pint mark; how about that. The free web game does not have any special features such as explosives or fruits that remove a dozen other fruits, but it gives you a certain advantage when you are moving up the levels. However, this will only apply to the easy level, where you have 180 seconds to hit the threshold. In the medium difficulty game, you have 160 seconds, and in the difficult level you have 120 seconds to reach the threshold. The Bejeweled Fruits game also allows you to have three live, which means you can try the level three times after which it will shut down. Have Fun!

How to play Bejeweled Fruits game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Fruits Bejeweled is a Game that will Keep you on your Toes

There are free online gems games that may not have many frills, but will also be a challenge. Fruits Bejeweled is one of these. In the web game, you are harvesting fruits which you are to take to the market for sale. There are various fruits which you have to match in sets of three or more in order to harvest them. The web game comes in three levels of difficulty, and each of them has 5 levels. Being a fruit farmer, you do not want to lose any of your fruit so you have to decide which mode you will play. You only have 3 opportunities to lose a level, before you have to begin from the start. Remember that you have to collect a certain number of fruits in the time given, so keep an eye on that. This free online game does not give any hints, so you have to keep your eyes peeled for the right combination. Combos will get you to the threshold much faster, so you have to come up with strategy for this. This is a free online bejeweled game that will keep you on your toes; it is a great way to pass your lazy hours on a weekend.

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