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Eco-Match Game Online - Play Free Fun Bejeweled Web Games

Eco-Match is a free online bejeweled game which comes with a very appealing story. You are an environmentalist who is charged with saving the world, one step at a time, or perhaps one game at a time. You are given a number of tasks which you must accomplish so that you can move on to the next assignment; read level. The first starts with the Galapagos Islands off the coast of South America, where you will be trying to save the Galapagos Penguin. It has its home on these islands, and the environment has been degraded by human encroachment, and this is affecting their numbers. They are also being trapped in fishing nets set up by fishermen. Once you have played the first level, you will be sent to save the Galapagos Tortoise which can live to be 150 years and weigh over 800 pounds. These tortoises have been hunted for centuries and they have suffered further loss in numbers due to the introduction of non-native predators. The assignment is timed, and you have to make a certain amount of points in order to move to the next level. You are supposed to match any three matching sets of tiles in order to remove them from the set. You are also supposed to collect a certain number of coins and this means that the coins should be your primary objective. You should also strategize and see how you ca get combos since these are the ones that will help you achieve quick success in your mission. There are different timers at every level, so you must try and get as many coins as you can before they all run out. Eco-Match is indeed a great online gem game since it covers topics that are of great importance. When children play these games, they get to learn something about environmental conservation. Have Fun!

How to play Eco-Match game online

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Entertaining Environmental Conservation

It is great that Eco-Match seeks to educate as it seeks to entertain. This is a fun web game that covers various aspects of environmental conservation. The developers have made the web game more than just about any fable, and have made it have more meaning. Eco-Match is a web game that you should play and strive to move on to higher levels since you get to know more about reforestation, and conservation of the air, water and earth. It can even be termed as an eco-friendly free online jewel game; a term that would be apt. The fun online game teaches you to be more aware of the effect of various factors on the environment. Following the story is just as entertaining as playing the Eco-Match game. So as you score points, and coins, you should also think about how you can contribute to the mission in real life and become environmentally responsible. If you have children who love playing online gem games, then you should recommend that they play Eco-Match and perhaps you can give them a small, enjoyable quiz when they have finished playing. Preach conservation by encouraging others to play this fun online game, when they have the free time; you will feel better about the potential effect it will have on them.

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