Galactic Gems

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Galactic Gems Game Online - Play Free Fun Bejeweled Web Games

Galactic Gems is the pioneer free online jewel game in the series, and it is a challenging game because you only have a number of moves to make before the game shuts down. In order to move up the levels, you need to clear all the backgrounds that are behind the gems. In order to remove the background, you have to remove the gem. To remove a gem, you have to match three or more similar gems. However, there are special gems which remove many gems at once without having to be in a matching set. The bomb will remove gems in the same column and row, forming an L-shape. A gem with the symbol 03 on its face will remove 9 gems in a 3X3 grid. A gem that has a stripe on its face removes all the gems in the same row. You may also core a lot of marks when you make combo matches; these occur when the gems which fall in to replace those that have been removed, for another set. This can go on several times, and each multiplies the score. For example, the first combo doubles the score for the gems it has removed; the second triples it, and so on. However, in this case, it can be counterproductive to have these combos. Remember that you will not move on to the next level if you have not removed all the backgrounds and each gem removed will fill up the time indicator on the left of the game; when it gets to the top, the level comes to an end. This means that a combo, which will remove gems which fall into cells with no background, will give you more points, but it will not bring you any closer to finishing the level; you have to have a strategy in order to succeed. Have Fun!

How to play Galactic Gems game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Galactic Gem is Challenging and Fun

Free online jewel games do not come any more challenging than Galactic Gem. This game brings in two challenges that are not easy to combine. You have to remove the backgrounds of the cells in the game, within a certain number of moves. Now this is something that most people do not contemplate. When you are racing against a clock, your speed will matter. However, when racing against moves, then you really need a strategy, lest you squander all your moves. When told to remove backgrounds against a clock, you only need to be fast and remove gems in any area in the hope that combos will help you to clear all the backgrounds before you are time barred. However, in this game, combos are not necessarily a boon; every gem removed counts towards the move that you made. So when you get a combo, you drastically reduce the number of moves left. Combos may remove gems from areas with no backgrounds and these will constitute wasted moves. Free online bejeweled games never got more challenging than this, so if you consider yourself to be a strategist, then you should try your hand at this nifty game, and see how many levels you can conquer. Remember, think before you make a play; you have all the time you need.

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