Jungle Magic

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Jungle Magic Game Online - Play Free Fun Bejeweled Web Games

It is time for you to become an adventurer and go looking for treasures in exotic forests. When you think of the Amazon, and the treasure that is believed to have been hidden by the Aztecs, then you can indulge in an imaginary trip to the forest to find the lost treasure. Jungle Magic if a free online bejeweled game in which you create a set of 3 or more gems in order to have them removed from the board. This bejeweled game is well designed and you will feel like you are actually mining for gemstones in the deep forests of the Amazon. There is a strange power that is hidden in the forest and you have to struggle to find it so you can own it. It has been scattered as ash for quite a while, and you can reconstitute it. You will find totems and earn more power as you go up the levels, and some of them will give you the wisdom which you need in order to complete all the levels and own the power. The gems should be in a straight line, but if you can get 5 gems forming an L-shape they will also be removed. The Jungle Magic game has a timer and you have 4 minutes to complete each level. You can continue making hatches even as other gems in other areas of the game are still breaking down. This gives you the advantage of speed. You can remove gems from all corners of the game as fast as possible in order to get the most points. You also stand to make a lot of points due to the ease of which you make combos; this is perhaps because there are only 3 types of gems in this fun game making it easy to form many chains at the same time. Have Fun!

How to play Jungle Magic game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

The Story Behind Jungle Magic

Jungle Magic is a typical online bejeweled game, where you are supposed to match 3 or more gems in order to remove them. The web game has a story behind, it where you are supposed to collect totems and go look for a mystical power in the forest. You will find that the game-play is quite simple. The three types of gems have very distinct colors, making it easy to identify them. This is what makes it a fast web game. You are also allowed to make more matches even as others are still being removed. This is a concept that is common to only a few online gems games; in most, you have to wait for the other gems to fall in place before you can make any more matches. Although the gems should be in a straight line, any of the gems making an L-shape, and are 5 or more in number will also be removed. The levels have a high threshold to achieve and so you have to be very fast so you can beat it before the timer brings the whole game to a stop.

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