Needlesack Survival

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Needlesack Survival Game Online - Play Free Fun Needles Gems Games

Needlesack Survival is a free online gems game which has a theme that comes straight out of a Halloween set. The characters are made of sacks and are stuffed with straw. It is only fitting that a sack will fear a knife or a needle singe these cam remove the contents that are contained in it. In this strange sack world, you are supposed to get needles which you will use to reduce the life of the evil Needlesack and his friends. In each level you will fight him, or one of his friends. You need to collect gems that have the symbols of needles. These remove the life from your enemies. Those with three needles remove 3 life points and those with two remove only two. Remember that the needles affect your life too. The level will end when the life of your enemy reaches zero. If you remove more than 3 symbols of any kind, you get an extra turn, so you should be on the lookout for these. There are special voodoo skills that you can use on your avatar. You only have to tap it in order to get access to them. You can also get power ups from the golden buttons on the right of the game, but these will require some coins. You earn 30 coins whenever you defeat one of the enemies. And you get an extra 30 life points added to you. Once again, you have come across a free online bejewel game which gives you a great story to follow. This is a fun gems game where you compete against the computer so you will be awaiting for your turn to be signaled. Always look for ways in which you can empower yourself as you defeat your enemy, and remember to concentrate on the needles, and the sets that have 4 or more symbols. Have Fun!

How to play Needlesack Survival game online

Use your arrow keys to play this free online game.

Gems Games with a Storyline

For online jewel games that have a storyline, Needlesack Survival is very interesting. The fun online game is the type where you take turns playing against the computer as you try to outdo each other in a deadly duel. You get to see how well you can perform against this clever machine. Anyhow, the game requires that you familiarize yourself with the purpose of the gems. Each plays a special role, and the number in each combination also affects your game play. The fun gems game will pit you against a character and many of his friends, with each one trying to kill you at every level. Once a new character comes in, you have won the round, and you can proceed. The setting of the game is in a world inhabited by sacks; you battle the evil ones as you try to survive. The Needlesack Survival game also allows you to earn coins which you can use to buy special features. These include bombs and dynamite sticks. The total number of coins that you have earned is shown on the top right hand side of the game. Try your best to outdo, and outthink your enemies and see how long you can survive their onslaught.

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