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Proteus Puzzle takes you into the world of sailors. It is a web game of skill and it is best if you first of all read the manual in the menu. The tutorial explains exactly what you have to do to you. In each level, you namely have two different tasks. In the background of the playing field, a map is hidden. You can reveal this map, when you move the symbols in the forefront to form rows of at least three like symbols and thereby remove them from the game. But beware, there are more and more symbols added over time. The second task, which you have to fulfill, is the collecting of fish. Some of the symbols are fish and they need to be maneuvered completely to the edge of the playing field. Then they will be collected there. After you have changed the position of each of the symbols once, and the whole hidden map has been shown, a level is completed. But only if you have also collected enough fish, of course. The levels of course become more and more difficult over time, but you will surely get a feel for the tiles game of Proteus Puzzle pretty quickly. This fun web game is really addictive and you can always play the game of Proteus Puzzle in between and during your breaks. You will see just how fast you can improve, and find new ways of moving symbols to their proper place even more quickly. This free online game improves your concentration as well as your capacity to take in information and after a few levels, you are simply unstoppable. Of course, you can also invite your friends and outdo each other in terms of your high scores. Have Fun!

How to play Proteus Puzzle game online

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