Tasty Fruits

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Tasty Fruits Bejeweled Game Online - Play Free Fun Tiles Swap Games

Tasty Fruits is a free online bejeweled game which is ideal for people who do not know how to make strategies when it comes to playing such tiles swap games. To start with, in tiles swap games, you are supposed to match 3 or more tiles in order to remove them from the grid; in this case the tiles are fruits. In order to get a high point score it is good to come up with a strategy which will earn you several combos. This is where most people fail, because they just match without thinking ahead. Now Tasty Fruits will force the player to think since he or she has to make a certain number of points using a set number of moves. The player will now have to think about moves that will make him make combos and get the maximum points in every move. When you scan the grid, you should see places where there are matches of more than 3 fruits; see matches that are near special tiles, such as bombs, since they clear a lot of tiles from the grid when they explode, and such like moves. This is a game that will force you to think differently. If you use to play free online jewel games for leisure without really thinking about how you will make the matches so you can attain a certain objective, then this one will definitely force you to do so. This is a great game for practicing since it will teach you to strategize. This will make it easy for you to play tiles swap games where you have to break certain stones, or blocks, or form special tiles and how you will make the special tiles come into a set with tiles of its kind to get the ultimate points reward. Sit down and start strategizing. Have Fun!

How to play Tasty Fruits game online

Use your arrow keys to play this free online game.

Swap Strategies of Bejeweled Games

Free online bejeweled games are supposed to employ a strategy; most people just match the gems without really thinking about what they are doing. When given a game where they have to clear certain block on the grid, these people will usually get timed out and will hardly go beyond level 1. However, for those who strategize, they usually find tiles swap games intriguing. Each has its own challenges, and the strategy has to change to suit the particular challenge. This is why people have to learn how to strategize when playing these games. Now this is a bejeweled game that will require you to make a certain amount of points within a set number of moves. This means that those who do not strategize will only have a few moves to make and then they lose. This is a game for serious free online jewels games players; those who will want to know how to make the required points with the fewest moves. This is quite exciting actually; see how many moves you need to make the require points. The fewer the moves that you make, the higher the bonus points that you will get when the level that you are in is over.

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