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Token Hero Game Online - Play Free Fun Bejeweled Web Games

Token Hero, is a free online bejeweled game that tells of a wonderful story about bravery. A long time ago, there was a kingdom that was blessed with having a very beautiful princess. One day, as she was sunning herself at the top of one of the towers, a huge monstrous bird swooped down out of the skies and carried her away. The people who witnessed this event ran up to the king and told him of the sad news. An infuriated king sent out all of his brave knights to go and destroy the bird and bring back the princess. However, as time went on and none of the knights returned, the king was heartbroken. You are the king’s squire, and one day as you are talking, he asks you, as a last desperate measure, if you would go out and try to rescue his daughter. Of course fear enters your heart, but since you have had secret feelings for the princess, you decide that you would rather die trying to rescue her, instead of living an empty life without seeing her, even if from a distance. You ask to be armed and you are on your way. This free online bejeweled game is designed such that every action that you take on the board is reflected in the storyboard at the top of the web game. You are supposed to match gems and also tokens. Gems will give you a lot of money, and you will have the riches to impress the princess; if you ever get back alive. The tokens will help you in protecting, healing, combat and in giving you keys to open locked doors. You need to keep an eye on the storyboard, even as you play the fun web game. You can hold and drag the items on the board for any distance; hence this makes it easy to match them. It is time to rescue your princess, the bejeweled way. Have Fun!

How to play Token Hero game online

Use your arrow keys to play this fun online game.

Accessibility to Energizing

Token Hero is one of the variants of free online bejeweled games that are quickly becoming the most popular. They tell of a story; no longer do you match jewels simply because you want to make a combo and score high marks. Now you have a quest where you want to defeat certain evil powers and achieve your goals. Now you have to look for jewels that support a certain function. For example, when you are faced with a door, the first thing you need to do is match tokens that have a key on them. You can do so by taking as many turns as possible; just remember to be fast. Some doors will require two sets of jewels and others may require more. Similarly, if you meet up with a dragon, you will need a shield and a sword, so you will look for the tokens that have these items. The story unfolds, and it is no longer about getting the most scores, but about proceeding as far as you can on your quest. The story in this web game is about an abducted princess. See how far you can go in your effort to save the damsel in distress when you play Token Hero, go home to a hero's welcome, and perhaps her hand in marriage.

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