Ancient Jewels Lion Temple

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Ancient Jewels Lion Temple Game - Play Free Gems Bubble Shooter Online

Ancient Jewels Lion Temple is a free online bubble shooter game which resembles a free online gems game. You are not shooting at bubbles, but at gems, but the game-play is similar to that of a bubble shooter game. You are supposed to shoot the gems and form sets of three or more of the same color in order to remove them from the game. This may seem to be easy, but the gems will be moving towards the bottom of the screen and when they do, the game will come to an end. In order to win at this free online game, you have to be very fast, and also use tactics that are not so apparent. You can use deep shooting in order to remove gems which are left detached from the main stack. Deep shooting may require you to be very accurate, allowing you to shoot through narrow gaps, and also shoot bouncing shots from the walls of the game. You will also get new features which will help you remove more gems from time to time. You can get a bomb which will blow up many gems at the same time. You can also get a backlight which will show you the trajectory of the gem and also increase the speed; this is great for trick shots. You can also get a timer which will slow down the rate at which the gems are descending thereby buying you more time. You can also get a pink rollback gem which will reverse the motion of the balls, and therefore buying you more time. Make sure that you do not get smothered by the falling balls. Be fast and think fast so that you can proceed up the levels in this web game. Ancient Jewels Lion Temple is a challenging game and should not be taken lightly, so get ready to roll up your sleeves and shoot your way to riches. Have Fun!

How to play Ancient Jewels Lion Temple game online

Use your arrow keys to play the Ancient Jewels Lion Temple game.

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Lions are ferocious and mystifying. When people go to exotic places in Africa, they go to see the great lions of the Savannah. There are other lions all over the world, but the African one is said to be the most powerful, hence the need for people to visit the continent to get a glimpse of these majestic creatures. History has it that they can be almost as tall as a grown man, and the muscle and sinew, makes these animals to be very dangerous. You are now journeying into the jungle in search of treasures and you hope that you will not be eaten by lions on the way. You are heading for the lion temple so you may probably meet some of the lions. You should be very fast in whatever you do so that you survive the whole trip. You need to be sharp-eyed so you do not lose your chances of getting the great treasures hidden in the temple. This is a great free online bubble shooter game in which you get to shoot treasure and win them. It is a game that requires you to be accurate and fast. See how well you would perform if you were in the jungle looking for riches, when there were such dangerous cats around.

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