Bubble Creature

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Bubble Creature Game Online - Play Free Bubbles Shooter Monsters Games

Bubble Creature is a well designed free online bubble shooter game. When you open the game, you start off by choosing the level to start with; the only level that can be played is the first one, and you unlock the rest as you go on with the game. The Bubble Creature game has a pastel feel to it, and this is a change given that most games use gleaming bubbles. The bubbles are added in a cascading style, like you would see when you put gravel in a transparent container. There are special bubbles that have a key in them and these should be your target since the keys unlock the jail that is on the right and free the small, but sweet looking creature. Take note of the total number of keys that you have to collect in order to open the jail; the number is on the right of the game, below the prison. However, the other bubbles also matter so you should do your best to shoot them down. For a change, when you remove bubbles in a manner that leaves the others detached from the main group, they float up, rather than fall own as is the case with other games. As they float up, they clear all the other bubbles that they find, such that there top is left completely clear, until other bubbles are added. This is amazing and it is a change that you will appreciate. Keep an eye on the handles of the cannon since they show you which two colors are in the queue. This should help you in coming up with a strategy on how to get the key and move to other levels; once you have the key, the level comes to an end. If you are fast about it, you will get more points in terms of bonuses. Have Fun!

How to play Bubble Creature game online

Use your arrow keys to play this free online game.

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When you were much younger, you probably used to hear something go bump in the night and wonder what it is. Looking at the animated movie Monsters Inc. one can understand why children fear the closet at night. The movies said that monsters came from another dimension and they used to scare children because they need the energy of the scream to power their world. However, they come across this one kid who does not scare at all, and after a whole lot of laughs, it dawns on them that laughter had more power than screams. One wonders if the tale is true, but you may have shaken under your blankets in fear, not moving an inch lest the monster in the room got you. Now it is your turn to get the monsters. When you play this free online bubbles shooting game, you are getting your own back. These monsters should be truly terrified of you; shoot them down with a lot of glee, and do not forget to do a victory dance whenever you finish a level. This is a vendetta, and you should have a lot of fun while you are at it; have a great time and keep monsters out of the closet.

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