Bubble Shooter 2

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Bubble Shooter 2 Game Online - Play Free Burst Balloons Web Games

Bubble Shooter 2 is a very deceptive game, and you should be fairly warned even as you begin to play it. The game begins fairly well, with all the balloons moving at the speed that you are used to. You settle in and say that you will pass by the time by matching 3 or more balloons in order to get them to leave the board. This goes on well, until you level up, and then the speed of the balloons increases. You are given warning that they will move much faster. Now you sit up and are quite intrigued by this new development, so you speedily do away with more balloons, until you get to the next level, and the balloons now move even faster. Now you are positively hanging on the edge of your seat, wondering how such an innocent looking free online bubble shooter game has you clicking away as fast as you can. This is the beauty of this web game. It uses the simple rules, but adds a twist to make you so nervous. When you finally get to the end, and you cannot click much faster, the balloons will get to you and it will all come to an end. Not to worry, you can post your score at this time, or you can take another try, given that you were not warned in the beginning. Now you feel like you can handle the increase in speed, so you can go ahead and give it another try. Keep your eye on the level meter at the bottom of the game, it is the one that decides when the speed is going to be increased. It is best that you start off with high scores in the slower levels, and then simply play survival mode, when you go to the faster levels. Have Fun!

How to play Bubble Shooter 2 game online

Use your arrow keys to play this free online game.

A Quick Eye, Fast Fingers and the ability to act out of Instinct

Many times people are taken by surprise and some may say that they have been ambushed. This happens in many sports; athletes let others leads and then make a final surprising dash to the finish line, and so many other examples. However, it is common to be ambushed in free online games, but not like the way it happens in Bubble Shooter 2. This balloon burst web game will have you gasping in no time, if you are not prepared for it. Bubble Shooter 2 will be best played by people with a quick eye, fast fingers and the ability to act out of instinct. The web game will take you through the normal paces and then give you a run for your money. If you love a challenge then Bubble Shooter 2 is your game; it will keep on increasing speed until you cannot take it anymore and you lose to the balloons. If you really have a fast finger, you may get past the 70,000 mark, but that is probably the highest anyone can go; if you do not think so, then you need to fire up the computer and play this free online bubbles shooting game, and live to tell about it when you post your high score.

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