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Clusterz Bubble Game Online - Play Free Bubbles Shooter Web Games

All bubble shooting games are changing their nature and Clusterz is not to be left behind. This is a free online bubble shooting game that is not played in the traditional manner. You have bubbles arranged in all manner of shapes, in the playing field. You can shoot the bubbles from the bottom, but the aim is to use the edges of the web game in order to shoot the bubbles that are hidden. There are black bubbles which are not removable, so you should try and avoid them. They are placed there so that you can get confused by their obstruction remember you can use the walls to go around them. The rules are still similar, and all you have to do is match 3 or more bubbles of the same color and they will be removed from the game. For every bubble that you remove, you get some points; so the more you get, the better it will be for you in the end. Even as you try to make trick shots, do not be too ambitious, since the balloon, can ricochet all round the field and end up falling towards you. When this happens, all the balls in the field will automatically change their color. This is a phenomenon that can be surprising, but all you have to do is keep your resolve and keep shooting down the bubbles as fast as you can. Unlike other games where the bubbles move down towards you, this one does not. However, the rate at which the bubbles are added to the cluster can make it grow to a point where it will eventually get to you; if this happens, then you are finished and the game is over. Prove that you can be a good shooter and make sure that you do not get touched by the bubbles in this free web game. Have Fun!

How to play Clusterz game online

Use your arrow keys to play this free online game.

Accessibility to Energizing

This is the advent when the free online bubble shooter games became a bit more diversified. There are games where the bubbles rotate and move depending on the force of the shot and also how many bubbles were removed; if a single set of 3, then the rotary movement is slow, and if the set had 7 bubbles, then it moves faster. There are others which will not move but will give you a very short time to get a certain number of bubbles. Now this is another type, where accuracy is demanded. Some of the shots that you have to make will be trick shots, and if they fail, then the whole cluster is added. This means that for you to complete a level within the shortest time, you should make the least number of mistakes. Every mistake will grow the cluster, and a few of them may make the bubbles to reach you. If you are good at playing pool, then you will find this free online bubbles shooting game to be very exciting. You will be able to practice your pool tricks here and see how many shots you can bounce off the walls of the game. Clusterz is truly an exciting flash game, and other bubbles shooting games should evolve more; just like Clusterz did.

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