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Frozen Candy Game Online - Play Free Bubble Shooter Web Games

You like candy? Then you will have your fun with Frozen Candy, because here you will find many delicious delicacies. Unfortunately, you will not find any time to focus on the candy. This free web game is already happening with one click and you just have to concentrate fully on the game. Concentration is not to be underestimated in the sweets either. You should remember that during these challenging missions at any time! The cannon in Frozen Candy is controlled by a jolly old man whom you yourself should best be focused on completely. From here, you shoot colored balls. On the upper surface of the screen, you will see a construct of colored balls. From now on the goal is to connect like-colored balls together, because only then can you eliminate them. And you should do so urgently! The closer the balls slip towards your baseline, the more dangerous the whole matter will be for you. As soon as the first ball has crossed the line, you lose and have to start over again. Frozen Candy provides you with carefully designed levels that promise not only excitement, but also pleasant surprises. Here, you can indulge in interesting adventures and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. But you do not let yourself be too distracted, because time is working against you. The balls are moving towards the line and you have to invest all your power to prevent it. From level to level, the challenge is becoming more severe, so do your best and face this exciting mission. Even if everything looks like sugary treats, is a brutal Bubble game. So you need to restrict yourself to the essentials! Otherwise you have lost already before you have ever played. And you surely do not want that, right? Have Fun!

How to play Frozen Candy game online

Use your arrow keys to play this free online game.

Frozen Bubble was one of the first free Bubble Shooter Games

One of the first "free" computer games, which dealt with the launch of bubbles, was "Frozen Bubble". In the quite classic sense, this bubble shooter game is about the most effective destruction of bubbles. At best, more than three of these bubbles are lined up in order to empty the playing field as quickly as possible. Over time, the idea arose of incorporating the multiplayer mode into "Frozen Bubble". In this way, two human players could compete against each other. The game play completely omits any aspects of violence. Rather, logical reasoning as well as the concentration of each player are encouraged.

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