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High Tea Game Online - Play Free Girls Bubble Shooter Games

High Tea is a free online bubble shooter game with a great difference; it is about a tea party. Granted, a tea party would probably appeal more to the girls, but you have to see the design of the game in order to believe it. The items are well made. And you have to join balloons that have the same symbol on their faces. The background is like that which you would find n a little girls room; pink wall paper and flowery designs. When you join the balloons, which look like plates, into groups of 3 or more, they are removed from the game and you are awarded some points. The goal is to score as many points as you can during the time that you are given for the first level. Similarly, the items do not attack you, like they do in other bubble blasting games, they just sty there, but they are added on when you make a mistake. In other words, every mistake you make will bring you closer to the end of the game; the items are not the ones coming down, it is you making mistakes and adding to the pile. High Tea is a great game since it does not bring in the competitive edge that is required in some of the other games; High Tea is really feminine in nature and would be a welcome distraction to a little girl who is demanding too much time from you when at time you are busy; let her play this bubble shooter game and get on with your chores. The High Tea game does have several levels, but it takes quite a while to get past one and therefore a lot of patience should be exercised. As mentioned earlier, this is a gem that is suited to the gentle souls that are girls. Have Fun!

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Little girls love tea parties and this is a free online bubble shooting game that would really appeal to the ladies. Girls love to sit with their little dolls and pretend that they are having a little party and enjoying some gossip. Usually this comes from the tendency of girls to emulate their parents and if they have noticed that mother always asks the neighbors wife over for a cup of tea, then it will catch on. Boys tend to go with their fathers and that is why they would rather romp in the yard rather than play at having a tea party. This is a great free online bubble shooting game for small girls who can imagine the story I their heads. They can imagine that they have got all their best friends and they have made the healthiest herbals tea, and they are having a chat as they sip the tea. This is girly trend and this is a web game that will appeal to them. It is also a great web game for sisters and friends to play and see who is better at shooting the items of the tea party through the hoop. Encourage your little girl to play this bubble shooter game whenever she is alone in the house.

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