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Spin Flash Game Online - Play Free Bubble Shooter Web Games

Matching Bubbles and seeing them burst can be quite an exciting feeling. Simply bursting them as they float in the air at a party is still quite a lot of fun for many children. This is one of the reasons why these games are so popular. There are usually quite some variations, as you will see when you play Spin, a free online bubble shooting game. There is a stack of balls at the top of the game which are slowly coming down towards the shooter. Your objective is to make sure that these balls do not reach the shooter at all. There are special balls in the flash web game which will help you in making more points. There are certain balls with a ring in them which will explode when they are matched with others of their kind. There are also those that have an electrical surge going through them, and these will send a power-up if they are matched with others of their own. The controls are easy and the web game can be played with either the mouse or the keyboard. When using the keyboard, you move the shooter using the left and right arrow keys, and shoot by hitting the space bar. When you play with the mouse you simply move it and then click on the left mouse button to shoot. There are several different power-ups that you can use. You have bombs to explode several bubbles at once; one that allows you to shoot balls at three times the normal speed; a shield which may protect you against the stack if they get too close; a laser beam and also a timer which makes the whole stack move slower, making it easy for you to shoot them down. This is definitely a free online bubble shooting game that you want to consider having played. Have Fun!

How to play Spin game online

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Make your head spin with this free flash game

Spin is a free online bubble shooter game that will make your heads spin. This is not the usual type of bubble shooting flash game that you may have seen and become accustomed to. In this web game, the stack of bubbles actually spins. When you start the Spin game, the stack is stationary but after you shoot the first bubble, it start spinning in a manner such as it would if it was being shot at in real life. When you shoot mare balls, it spins faster, making it very tricky when you are targeting certain groups of bubbles. The exploding bubbles do not make it easier since they make the stack spin even faster. This is the reason why you need a clock power-up function which slows them down. However, this is a great web game for those who enjoy challenges especially when it comes to shooting flash game. This is a great drift away from the standard approach to these games where the bubbles simply move down the screen. As the stacks builds and continues spinning, the balls get closer; the actual stack does not move but the balls keep on adding and therefore getting closer; this is something to keep in mind since the touch of one will end the game.

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