Yeti Bubbles

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Yeti Bubbles Game Online - Play Free Bubble Shooter Web Games

Yeti Bubbles is a free online bubble shooting game in which you have to keep a bunch of yeti from getting to you. This is a simple and engaging game to play; you are supposed to match any set of 4 or more bubbles in order to remove them from the game. You shoot the bubbles using a gun at the bottom of the web game. The bubbles that are coming up are visible just before you shoot them. This gives you enough time to plan which bubbles you are going to shoot. The bubbles at the stack on top are removed when you add another bubble to two or more bubbles, making them three or more. As is natural, any bubbles which were supported by bubbles above will tumble down when these bubbles are removed; this means that no bubble can remain in the game if it is not attached to the stack above. You have to make sure that no bubble crosses the bottom of the web game, since this will bring it to an end. Are you ready for an onslaught from the Yeti; if so then roll up your sleeves and start shooting them down. Te more that you get, the higher your score will be. This bubble shooter game has two modes, and these are the classic and arcade modes. The arcade mode will give you a certain mount of time to make your shot, and if you do not; it will just shoot in the direction that the gun is pointed at; the classic mode lets you decide where you want to shoot, no matter how long you take. One thing you must realize is the rate at which the bubbles descend in this bubble shooter game; it is quite fast so you also have to be as. If not faster, so you do not get overrun. Have Fun!

How to play Yeti Bubbles game online

Use your arrow keys to play this free online game.

Accessibility to Energizing

The Yeti may be a mythical creature, or he may be real and this is why people are fascinated with him. To believe that there is a snowman covered in white hair from head to foot, and has extra large feet is amazing. Maybe he has the big feet to act as snow shows when up in the mountain. Another fascination is why people keep saying that he can only be found in the Himalayas; there must be other mountain ranges that can host this creature. Anyhow, as you wonder about the stories behind the Yeti, you can play this free online bubble shooter game. It is rather easy to play, and all you have to do is follow the rules of these games. Remove the bubbles in sets of three or more. Keep yourself busy by looking for the creatures in the web game, matching them up, and watching you score increase. Speed and precision are very important. You do not want to block areas where the bubbles can be easily reached, by haphazardly shooting the bubbles. You have to keep alive; do not let the yeti get to you or else they could turn you into one of their own.

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