Magic Towers Solitaire

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Magic Towers Solitaire Game Online - Play Free Fun Card Games Online

The game Magic Towers Solitaire takes you into the world of the Middle Ages. Your eye will discover beautifully drawn maps and you need to win as many rounds as possible. The fun game can be explained in no time and easy to understand. It is a card game that was developed from the French card game Patience. Card games are usually played with two or more people, but here you are left to fend for yourself all on your own. You have to carefully plan your moves, because each move may very well be the last. There is a home card, which must be served. For this, different cards that face up are available, and if these are not enough, there are even some face down cards. If the home card is a 5 for example, you must click either on a 6 or a 4. This then becomes the new home card. After that then a 7 or a 3, depending on the move. If the first row of the revealed cards has been played, a new row opens up. The aim of the game is to use all cards on the playing field, so that there are no more cards left in the end. If you simply do not know how to proceed, you can have the next possible move be shown to you via Help, or if you want to undo a move, you can also do this with Undo. But be careful, because these little helpers are in limited supply at Magic Towers Solitaire. Now you can get going already and see how many rounds you can win in this exciting card game of Magic Towers Solitaire. Have Fun!

How to play Magic Towers Solitaire game online

Use your Mouse to play this fun online game. Click on the card and drag it to the right spot.

Play Magic Towers Solitaire game online for free today

Do you enjoy solving card puzzle and also to play a fun online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Magic Towers Solitaire game online. Am I correct? ;)

You can PlayMany variants of Solitaire on the computer

Many variants of Patience or Solitaire can now be played on the computer. In the Spider Solitaire, which Somerset Maugham mentions in his novel "The Gentleman and the Parlor", there are 10 card decks, each with 5 or 6 cards, of which only the top one is face up. Here, the face up cards must be shifted in such a way that complete, descending rows of cards of all one color arise. The game can be played in four levels of difficulty: one, two, three or four colors. Double Patience can be played both against the computer or online against other players.

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