Color Bounce

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Color Bounce Game Online - Play Free Bounce Colors Web Game

All the color has vanished! In this fun online game it is up to you to combine colored balls to restore color to the black and white worlds! Aim for the same colors! Have Fun!

Play Color Bounce game online for free today

Do you like color puzzles, and do you also like to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play our free Color Bounce game online.

How to play Color Bounce game online

Use your mouse. Move the mouse to move. Click the mouse to launch the balls. If you want you can also use arrow keys to move, and spacebar to shoot ball. Throw balls in the air and match their colors. Achieve the much needed score to pass each level. Watch out for energy bar at the top of the screen. You gain energy by matching colors, and loose energy by matching wrong colors.

Decorating with color - Bounce Colors that go together

Want to liven up a dull item, toy or room with color? Then you should try to bounce the right colors together. Decide what mood you want the item, toy or room to embody. The best colors are the ones that you love to see. Make sure to take time to curate your color palette. Colect magazine pages, postcards, and brochures with a color combination that intrigues you. Get some paint swatches, and test out some combinations, and learn some tricks. One important word for people who tend to rush in choosing paint colors: samples! Even the most skilled designers often need several tries to find the perfect shade. Give yourself permission to use lots of samples and make a mess of your walls until you find the perfect color. Trust your gut and the work you put into picking a palette.

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