Digbys Donuts

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Digbys Donuts Game Online - Play Free Digbys Doughnuts Games

Use the mouse to position the flipper to catch and stack falling donuts. Group donuts by color and earn tips by dropping them into the donut case using the left mouse button. The level is completed when the tips meter reaches the top.

Play Digbys Donuts for free online today

Do you like to eat donuts, and do you also like to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free online Digbys Donuts game.

How to play Digbys Donuts game online

Use your mouse to catch the donuts. Press the space key to activate the in-game menu, use your mouse for menu interactions.

Doughnuts are worse than many other snacks in the market.

That doughnuts are not good for you shouldn't be a surprise. However, doughnuts are worse than many other snacks in the market. A small bag of chips has about 260 calories, and a small bag of cookies can have anywhere from 50 to 200 calories each, depending on the type, size and brand. In comparison, a single doughnut can easily contain more than 300 calories. Add to that lots of sugar, fats and other unhealthy ingredients, and doughnuts can wreak havoc on your health. Even a single doughnut a day can lead to significant weight gain over time. A Krispy Kreme raspberry-filled jam doughnut contains 300 calories, while a chocolate iced doughnut contains 350 calories. According to website Family Doctor, 3,500 calories equal 1 lb. If you add a doughnut a day to your regular diet and don't exercise the calories off or cut down on calories elsewhere, you will gain about one extra pound every 10 days.

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