Code Breaking

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Code Breaking Puzzle Game Online - Play Free Fun Logic Puzzles

Code Breaking is a fun logic game. The letters of a text are coded in strange symbols. You need to drag the letter to replace the symbols and construct the original text. Have Fun!

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Do you like to solve logic puzzles, and do you also enjoy to play a fun online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play our free Code Breaking game online.

How to play Code Breaking game online

Use your mouse to play this free puzzle game.

The Mysteries of Code Breaking

Cryptography, the use of codes and ciphers to protect secrets, began thousands of years ago. According to BBC code and cipher breaking have been in operation for centuries. However, cryptanalysis, the art of deciphering encoded messages, took on a new importance during WW2 as British boffins strived to reveal the true meaning of encrypted German military messages. These days you should be able to find plenty of code breaking games on the Internet, some of them could be easy and meant for kids, while other would be very hard. The CIA also have some fun code breaking puzzles for kids on their website. If you're up to the challenge, try to decode their messages.

Logic Games

We all love Logic Games because when we find the solution it makes sense. A logic puzzle is a puzzle in which the answer can be deduced from a given set of premises. According to Brain Bashers A logic puzzle is basically a description of an event/gathering/contest, etc. Using the clues provided, you have to piece together what actually happened. This involves clear and logical thinking - hence 'logic' puzzles. Logic puzzle lovers, sharpen your solving skills with links to perplexing online games, riddles, logic problems, brain teasers, paradoxes, math puzzles, mind benders, strategy puzzles and lateral thinking puzzles.

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