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Detonator Game Online - Play Free Miniclip Detonator Game

Walter is in charge of the Bomb disposal team. You have to guide him around the screen using the arrow keys and the detonate bombs. You need to be quick, because after the fuse has been started, Walter has only 1.5 seconds to move out of harms way before the bomb explodes. To move a bomb along rails you need to hit spacebar twice quickly, then followed by the direction you want to move in. Are you up the challenge to help Walter defuse all the bombs? Have Fun!

How to play Detonator game online

Use the Arrow keys to Move. Spacebar to Detonate Bombs. Hit Spacebar twice and arrows to move bomb along rails.

The Detonator is another fun free game from Miniclip

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Detonator is also the name of a drinking game

Detonator is a drinking game involving smashing a beer can on one's head. It is played across the United States, and supposedly originated among college students attending Montana State University in Bozeman, MT. Detonator can be played with two or more people. Players typically gather together in an outdoor setting. Game play starts with one beer. The beer must be canned and unopened. Players take turns smashing the beer on their foreheads. Upon smashing the beer on one's forehead, that player must yell "Detonator!" The beer is then passed to the next player, who repeats the smashing and yelling. Play continues until the structural integrity of the can is compromised. At this point, one player inevitably ends up covered in beer. This player is declared the winner, and all losers are required to chug a full beer.

Play Detonator game online for free today

Do you have an interest in bombs and also thinks it is fun to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Detonator game online.

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