Eastern Wisdom

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Eastern Wisdom Game Online - Play Free Sudoku Puzzle Web Games

You love Asian culture as well as their customs and find yourself inspired by the local landscape? Perfect! Then this version of Sudoku is exactly the right place for you! The fun of playing this kind of puzzle is embellished for you by great wallpapers in Sudoku Eastern Wisdom. Which of the five backgrounds will make your game more fun is completely up to you. Whether it is fascinating buildings or scenic eye candy, each image is full of beautiful details. The free web game only responds to controls via your mouse. First you choose the appropriate level of difficulty for you with your mouse. Following this, you will see a randomly generated, transparent Sudoku in front of a background image. If you are unsure regarding how this kind of web game works, you can soak in a short game instruction for help under the menu item "Help". The design of the playing field is quite simple and limited just on the presentation of important game content. Once you paste a number between 1 and 9 into an existing line, the web game makes you aware of this mistake with a flashing red cross. A number is inserted by clicking on the desired field. You will see a square arranged in series of numbers. Here you can add the number that are correct in your opinion. At the upper edge of the playing surface, you will find a stopwatch, which indicates your playing time. To the right is a pause button so that you can stop Sudoku Eastern Wisdom for a brief hiatus. Although the images that are to be seen in the background may be quite beautiful, you should always have your eye on the goal of the free web game. Depending on the difficulty level, your full attention in Sudoku Eastern Wisdom might be needed. Have Fun!

How to play Eastern Wisdom game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

The World's Largest Sudoku Puzzle

In December 2010, an Indian doctor named Chintan Pandya built the largest Sudoku in the world. The puzzle, with record-breaking proportions, was comprised of 100 lines, 100 columns and 100 fields in each block. The doctor, who had turned away from Sudoku for several years, according to his own reports, developed this playing field for his (probably demanding) mother-in-law. The self-confessed Sudoku lover asked her son-in-law to do something special, something that the world had not yet seen. With unimaginable zeal, Pandya went to work. But he did manage what no one, including his wife, had thought possible and made it into the Guinness Book of World Records with this puzzle.

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