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Hyper Sudoku Game Online - Play Free Numbers Puzzle Web Games

Hyper Sudoku is a free online Sudoku game that will have you scratching your head as you go along. The rules of Sudoku must be followed; the game has a 9X9 grid that is divided into smaller 3X3 grids. The squares must be filled with the numbers 1 to 9, in the 3X3 grids and the number must not be repeated. Then the columns must also have the numbers 1 to 9 and they too must not be repeated; the same goes for the rows. For most people who have played Sudoku, this is a simple rule. However, in Hyper Sudoku, there are other dark squares which have overlapped into the 3X3 grid. In these dark squares, you must not repeat the numbers 1 to 9. That, right there, is the catch. Getting to fill the numbers in the 3X3 grids and then making sure that the numbers are not repeated in the darker squares is a challenge. You may have to solve the squares first, or solve the grids first and hope that the numbers fall into place; however you do it, just know that you will have accomplished quite a feat and you should give yourself a pat on the back. The web game allows you to get a hint but this will add 100 second on to your time; there is no pride there. You should try your best to ignore the hint button. To fill in a number, simply select the number that you want on the pad on the left of the web game, and then click on the square that you want to fill. Proceed like this until you are through. The numbers that cannot be changed are in red and the solution that you fill is in green; the numbers you nay get from hints will be in red so you cannot count them as your solution. Have Fun!

How to play Hyper Sudoku game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

All you need to know about the Pencil Method

Have you ever heard of the pencil method of solving Sudoku? Well if you have not, it is high time you knew about it. This is a method of solving Sudoku where you get to pencil in candidates for a particular box. At the corners of the square you get to put small numbers of the candidates that you would consider for the grid. Very soon the penciled in numbers will begin to make sense and then you can put the final candidate. This is a simple method and is ideal for those who cannot scan the numbers and somehow see the right number in their minds. There are players who scan the whole grid and somehow manage to keep the scan in their minds so they know where to place numbers, but other players cannot do this. It is best for such players to use the penciling method. It may be a bit messy, but you still get to your final solution. Sudoku is a great game and it helps with mental acuity. People who play this game are better at solving issues in their lives; they also get better at doing their work and seeing how to solve work problems.

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