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Killer Sudoku 3 Game Online - Play Free Numbers Method Web Games

There is nothing that makes Sudoku more challenging than the addition of other rules. To begin with the rules of Sudoku are only two. The first is that the numbers 1 to 9 must be placed in the 3X3 grid boxes without repeating any of them. The second is that the greater grid, measuring 9X9 must have the same numbers in every column and row and the numbers must never repeat. This is challenging enough for any Sudoku player. Now this web game adds another twist in Sudoku game. The grid has been divided into regions or cages, which are marked with thick red lines. The cages have a number appended to them. The rule here is that no number in the caged should be repeated and that all the numbers in that cage should add up to the appended number. How about that for a real brain twister? The best way to start is to fill in the boxes with a single number appended to them. When you hover the mouse over any of the boxes you will see a hint on the side as to the numbers that can go there, and which add up to the appended number. In this free online game, you can use the scan method or the pencil method. In fact there is a button at the bottom of the game which shows you the pencil marks that you could have made. Click on the larger box to use the scan method or click on the smaller box to use the pencil method. The Killer Sudoku 3 game starts with 9,000 points and these reduce as the time goes by; the faster you are at solving the puzzle, the higher your points will be. There is a timer which will tell you how much time you have taken to solve the puzzle; welcome to Killer Sudoku, the free online Sudoku game. Have Fun!

How to play Killer Sudoku 3 game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Sudoku make you better in every aspect of your life

Much has been said about the solving of Sudoku puzzles, but not many know of the different methods that can be used to solve the puzzles. The most difficult is the scanning method. In this method, you scan the columns and rows of the larger grid and see where numbers cannot be placed. You then decide which the best spot is, for them. This is a method used by people with a good memory. The second is the pencil method whereby you put in several numbers which could be right for a box. As you solve the grid, you will eliminate the other numbers and be left with the correct number. For mental exercise, the scanning method is better and faster, though susceptible to errors. The pencil method maybe more accurate but it will take much longer to solve the puzzle; it also does not give the mind a great challenge. Solving Sudoku puzzles can be exigent but also very rewarding; a person who has completed a Sudoku puzzle feels really good after that. This is a free web game that can even raise your self-esteem and confidence. Killer Sudoku 3 is a web game that can not only help pass time away, but make you better in every aspect of your life.

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