Killer Sudoku

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Killer Sudoku Game Online - Play Free Numbers Puzzle Web Games

Naughty, creative and totally unique! All these properties perfectly describe Killer Sudoku! If you think that such a complicated puzzle is a real audacity upon mere contemplation, you should better not start the web game. It is certainly a nice feature, when you are asked what level of difficulty you would like to play in shortly after the start of the numbers game, but what ultimately counts is your way of going about it. In the difficulty level of "easy", you find a frightened-looking smiley face staring at you. In the levels "medium" and "hard", you meet a laughing and a devilish smiley on the other hand. As if this challenge was not enough, you will be thoroughly made fun of. As such, one thing should have been made more than clear in Killer Sudoku: This free web game was not intended to be easy! Without further ado, you will find yourself right in the game. The stopwatch, which is located on the right edge of the playing field, begins counting down your time immediately. Your chosen level of difficulty will be constantly shown to you. The playing field also radiates a yawning emptiness initially. Take it away! Quick! By selecting the desired field using a mouse click, a drop-down window opens up, which provides you with all the numbers from 1 to 9 to choose from. Choose the number that you think is the correct one at this point. If you have forgotten what you should be doing here because of all the stress, you can use the menu to once again inform yourself about the game play. The menu will be displayed to you right under the clock. You will certainly not want to use options such as "Back to Menu" or "Pause". Therefore, these existing options remain unmentioned. Killer Sudoku is presented in clean and high definition in all situations. This is how one would imagine a successful Sudoku! Have Fun!

How to play Killer Sudoku game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Solving Sudoku Puzzles

The origin of Sudoku is not easily identified. In the 18th century, the mathematician Euler created a puzzle that demonstrated similar playing characteristics. Only in 1979 did the Sudoku puzzle made its debut. The inventor was Howard Garns, an architect who had anonymously published this puzzle in an American puzzle magazine. In the 80s, Sudoku experienced its first boom. At that time, it was released in Japan and wowed the crowds. Over the course of recent years, German newspapers have also regularly published such puzzles, which led to a breakthrough of this puzzle. All age groups have been taken by the Sudoku fever ever since. The market reacted with special Sudoku magazines, which contain Sudoku puzzles in varying degrees of difficulty.

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