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Squidoku Flash Game Online - Play Free Sudoku Puzzle Web Games

Squidoku proves that the creativity of some developers really has no limits. Sudoku with letters, numbers, various objects, even animals? No problem! Squidoku offers you a fundamentally new experience when playing Sudoku. After the loading process has been completed, you have lots of ways of selecting your own settings on the opening screen of this new flash web game that is fully equipped with many innovative features. For example, you can access the puzzles that have been generated for the week in Squidoku. The flash game is daily and continuously supplied with new updated tasks. To make this web game even more fun for you, you can choose the level of difficulty of the puzzle itself. The levels "casual", "regular" and "expert" are available here. Amongst the above options, you can choose whether you want to use numbers, letters, objects or animals to get your head to start smoking. When you start the Squidoku flash game, you will be surprised how much attention was paid to the clarity and ease of navigation. At the left edge, all of the symbols are listed one below the other for you. With each respective eye, you have the option of hiding individual components of the field. On the right side of the screen, the remaining as well as the elapsed time will be displayed to you. A pause and a quit button to end the game are available at the times. No matter what kind of symbols you will choose, this free web game is an absolutely blatant challenge even for the galaxy's best Sudoku player. So let us look at how far you will get in this game and what can we expect from you in the future in your existence as a logic authority. Have Fun!

How to play Squidoku game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

The World of Sudoku Competitions

In addition to international competitions, there are national competitions as well. The Berliner Zeitung, initiated the first Sudoku Championship in Germany in 2005. A trainee teacher named Kerstin Wöge was awarded the first prize at the time. A year later, the first official championship for Sudoku in Germany took place. Since this event first started, there are new championships every year, which brings many participants from all corners of the country together, who all have the joy for this wild puzzle game in common. The goal is clear: In the shortest amount of time possible, as many as possible as well as extremely difficult puzzles are to be solved.

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