Sudoku Samurai

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Sudoku Samurai Game Online - Play Free Fun Puzzle Web Games

Stars and starlets? No! More like Sudoku and asterisks, if you take a closer look at Sudoku Samurai. A funky graphics with many facets of color will cause you a lot of fun. In each of the three selectable difficulty levels, there are up to 18 different Sudoku game fields waiting to be solved by you. Each individual field is more colorful, but also more complicated than the next. To the left of the field, you see an elegantly shaped panel that tells you different information while playing. At the upper end of the table, you can find a time value, which tells you your current playing time. In order to save you unnecessary stress and pressure, Sudoku Samurai waives the requirement of a time limit and the awarding of points. This allows you to fully enjoy all the beautiful graphics. Below the timer, you can either turn the sound off or on. In addition, a hint button is available that supports you with well-intentioned advice during the web game. This function can also be enabled or disabled. Samurai Sudoku is controlled via your mouse. Left-click on a box of your choice to open a number panel, which provides you with the numbers from 1 to 9 that you can then choose from. If you made an incorrect entry, you need to use the “X” panel in order to erase the incorrect number. The playing fields of this colorful browser game are significantly larger when compared to other Sudoku games. You will certainly need some time during the first few rounds until you are experienced enough. Puzzle gaming fun at the highest level is guaranteed for several hours with this Sudoku web version. Have Fun!

How to play Sudoku Samurai game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Solving Sudoku Puzzles with Letter and Symbols

In the meantime, various versions of the popular Sudoku game have been established. As such, this game can be played with different letters or symbols, for example. Since our mind combines Sudoku with numbers, these abstract forms can appear to be surprising and unexpected. Using letters or symbols according to the rules of Sudoku requires an intense amount of abstract thinking. This type of Sudoku is a particularly good brain workout. It is imperative that the players compares the new signs with the principle of the number puzzle game and takes one concentrated step after another.

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