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Sudoku World Game Online - Play Free Number Puzzle Web Games

Sudoku World is a great free online Sudoku game and it is perfect for training. Looking at the rules of Sudoku, you are supposed to insert the numbers 1 to 9 in any of the 3x3 grids without repeating a number. You must also do this without repeating the numbers in the columns and rows of the larger 9X9 grid. This is very easy for a Sudoku aficionado to know, but for the newbie, this can be a challenge. This particular web game has three modes, namely, Easy, Medium and Hard, so you can select the one you want depending on how good you are. Once you get into the game, you will see a timer which will be counting the second that you are taking to complete the puzzle. However, the point to note is the fact that the web game is great for training. When you put a number into a square that is the wrong one, it will be highlighted in red and you will not get ay score. This will make you examine why it cannot be the right number. When you put in the right number, it will be highlighted in green and you will earn 10 points. This is a game that can teach someone how to approach Sudoku; through playing and trying to understand why the number was highlighted in red will show you how to play the game. Once you begin making a score, you will be penalized with one point for every wrong choice that you make. This is great to avoid guesswork and encourage the player to think before entering a number. Once again; this is a great game for training someone to become a good Sudoku player. You have to play this game to experience how lovely it is and also how challenging it can be. You really do not want to lose those points. Have Fun!

How to play Sudoku World game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Solving Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku is a game that baffles many until they try their hand at it. It is a number puzzle that has so many fans who somehow found that they love it after trying it. You probably passed so many Sudoku puzzles in the newspapers and magazines without giving them a thought until you finally understood the game; today you scan the puzzle page first before you even read the features. This is how people get hooked onto Sudoku. The number puzzle makes you feel so good about yourself when you finally complete a whole grid. If you have never tried your hand at Sudoku, then you should enter the Sudoku world and get a mental high that you have never experienced before. This number puzzle is one that makes you feel more confident of yourself especially when you complete one in front of your peers and they cannot even get to understand how you did it. This is a great way for you to improve on how you deal with issues in life and how you deal with your work. Many people do not understand that mental exercises help in making you more prepared for any task that you may need to do in your personal or professional life.

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