Critter Zapper

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Critter Zapper Game Online - Play Free Critters Zuma Games

It is time for you to zap some critters. You are in control of an extremely powerful critter zapper tool, and your object is to create a critter free society by zapping all the crawly creatures. Match three bugs of the same color to clear them off of the link of bugs bushing forward. Clear out the link completely by firing matching bugs at it. Combos are worth extra points, and will clear the train faster. Don't let them reach the end. Have Fun!

Play Critter Zapper game online for free today

Critters, Bugs, Creatures or whatever you might call them, you might find them facinating or maybe you don't like them and wants to zap them? Well, do you like fast paced matching puzzle games? If you are in the same zapping mood as us today, then you probably would like to play our free Critter Zapper game online.

How to play Critter Zapper game online

Use mouse and spacebar to play this free online game. Destroy critters by forming groups of 3 or more critters of the same color. Click the mouse to shoot the critters, press the space bar to swap the color of the critters to be shot.

Spend More Time Outside - Zap Them Critters

If you are planning to spend some time outdoors, don't get bugged by the nature's critters. Fortunately, most insect stings are more of a nuisance than a disaster. However, an enraged critter swarm pursuing its victim without mercy can inject enough venom to cause severe poisoning. Good judgment can go a long way toward preventing stings from critters and allowing the severely allergic person to spend time outdoors without harm. Keep an eye on the weather and avoid venturing out after a summer rain since this is the time when a lot of critters are on the move. Insects are attracted to food, so cover or wrap all food when outdoors, and dispose of garbage in a covered container. Pay special attention around garbage cans. Keep these areas clean and use a critter spray when necessary.

Zuma are fast paced puzzle games

Zuma are fast-paced tile-matching puzzle games. The objective of the Zuma puzzles are to eliminate all of the objects moving around the screen along a given path with other items by grouping three or more of them together. The path is clearly visible in most Zuma, but you might encounter exceptions. You need stop these items from reaching the end of the path, or else you will loose. Our online collection of Zuma web games will keep you entertained and will let you have fun for hours to come!

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