Freaky Fruits

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Freaky Fruits Game Online - Play Free Freaky Fruit Zuma Games

In this game you have to form a group of three or more similar adjacent fruits by firing the similar fruit at them. Eliminate all fruits before they reach the end! For every 10.000 points earned, you will gain a life, with a maximum of 4. Stones (the black ones) will eliminate any colour of fruit. Have Fun!

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Do you like free fast paced color matching puzzle games? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play our free Freaky Fruits game online.

How to play Freaky Fruits game online for free

Use your mouse to aim the cannon. Left mouse button to shoot. Press the spacebar to toggle between the current fruit and the next fruit.

What are the Most Freaky Fruits

Melissa's is an online store specializing in freak fruits. According to their website there are many fruits that are considered freaky. Australian Lychee Fruit, Buddha's Hand, Cactus Pears, Finger Limes, Jackfruit and Longans are some of them. Eventhough we have never tasted any of these fruits, we read up on them, and this is what we found out. The Longan is one of the most prized fruits in Asia. The exterior of the Jackfruit is covered with spiny, knobby bumps and is green in color. As the fruit ripens the skin turns to a yellow color and is very fragrant. The greenish-white or pinkish sacs in finger limes are quite firm and pop on the tongue like caviar, releasing a flavor that combines lemon and lime with an aromatic hint of fresh herbs. Cactus Pears are usually served cold, peeled and sectioned with the seeds and served in fruit salads or they can be sprinkled with brown sugar, lime juice and topped with whipped cream to create a unique dessert. One cup of fresh Australian lychee fruit has only 125 calories, more vitamin C than oranges or lemons and is loaded with potassium. Buddha's Hand is a delicious fragrant symbol of happiness, longevity, and good fortune.

Zuma are fast paced puzzle games

Zuma are fast-paced tile-matching puzzle games. The objective of the Zuma puzzles are to eliminate all of the objects moving around the screen along a given path with other items by grouping three or more of them together. The path is clearly visible in most Zuma, but you might encounter exceptions. You need stop these items from reaching the end of the path, or else you will loose. Our free online collection of Zuma web games will keep you entertained and will let you have fun for hours to come!

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