Zuma Bubbles

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Zuma Bubbles Game Online - Play Fun Zuma Bubbles Web Puzzles

Join Zuma in a new web challenge for the day. Your time is limited, you need to move fast in order to take advantage and shoot all the bubbles that are coming fast into your direction. Do not let the bubbles to reach you, stop it, make it disappear by shooting it with colored balls. Each color make to disappear the bubbles of the same color. Have fun and take your points. Have Fun!

Play Zuma Bubbles game online today

Do you like fast paced matching puzzle games? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play our free Zuma Bubbles game online. Am I correct? ;)

How to play Zuma Bubbles game online

This fun online game is played with mouse only.

Bubble Games are Fun and Challenging

The Bubble Games genre covers both arcade and strategy challenges. In most of them involves some kind of shooting often from a silly looking cannon, that's why these puzzle games often are called bubble shooters. Theses tyes of games often have many levels and varying gameplay. They also offer a wide variety of challenges for every player. In most of them the goal is to remove bubbles from the board often by grouping bubbles of the same color together.

Zuma are fast paced puzzle games

Zuma are fast-paced tile-matching puzzle games. The objective of the Zuma puzzles are to eliminate all of the objects moving around the screen along a given path with other items by grouping three or more of them together. The path is clearly visible in most Zuma, but you might encounter exceptions. You need stop these items from reaching the end of the path, or else you will loose. Our online collection of Zuma web games will keep you entertained and will let you have fun for hours to come!

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