Jewel Miner Game

Jewel Miner Game

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Jewel Miner is an addicting puzzle game. Your favorite characters from the Gold Miner: Vegas game are back with a Brand New Adventure. Jewel Miner is the next level of matching games, and it is easy to play but challenging from the first time you sit down. The Jewel Miner game has an extended story that guarantees hours of repeat play and unique upgrades and features let you match like never before. Select 2 or more jewels with the same color and match them. The more jewels you matching in a single tap, the more points you earn for every jewel. Have fun!

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How to Play Jewel Miner Game

Tap or click on two or more jewels of the same kind to eliminate them. You need to reach the target points of each level to move on. Items highlight when you mouse over them. Click once to swap two items next to each other. Line up 3 or more items in a row to make a match. Make matches on boarded-up squares to clear them. Clear all the boarded-up squares to claim the mine. . Julie's Powerups: Use the Dynamite Stick to clear boarded-up-squares that are hard to match. Click once on the Dynamite Stick, and then click the square you want to clear. Use the stopwatch to give yourself more time to clear the mine. If Hans is about to steal the mine from you. Clicking the stopwatch will give you 30 more seconds to make matches. Feeling Luck? Use your lucky clover and for a short time you will be rewarded with extra free matches every time you make a match. Match-4 Powerups: If you make a match with Four items, you'll get one of three handy powerup. Click on the Dynamite bar to blow it up and lcear all the squares surrounding it. Click on the Mine Cart to clear out an entire row of items left and right. Click on the Jackhammer to clear out an entire column of items top to bottom.Match-5 Powerups: If you make a match with five items, You'll get either a grab bag, a dynamite bundle or a miner's helmet. Click on the Crab Bag to get three free powerups (Dynamite Stick, Stopwarch and Luck Clover) and some free cash to boot. Click on the Dynamite Bundle to clear a huge number of nearby squares. Make sure to cover your ears. Wait until the Miner's helmet turns the color you want before clicking on it. All squares with itmes of that color on them will be cleared.Mine Hazards: Clear each mine before Hans and his sidekick Joey Joe Joe reach the jewels in their mine cart. Locked squares need to be cleared twice. The first time you make a match on them they turn to board squares. The second time clears them. Boulders cannot be matches. Only Power-ups can clear them.

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