Bubble Hunt Game

Bubble Hunt Game

Bubble Hunt Game Online - Play Free Bubble Shooter Games

Bubble Hunt is a well designed classical bubble shooter game with 48 challenges. You have to aim and release the bubble in order to combine it with other similar bubbles. Your goal is to collect the Golden heart within the allowed time. Don't let the bubbles reach the border. There are several power-ups which can be activated by shooting bubble on them. Have fun!

10,888 play times

How to Play Bubble Hunt Game

Use mouse or touch pad to play this game.

Accessibility to an Energizing Bubble Hunt

When you were much younger, you probably used to hear something go bump in the night and wonder what it is. Looking at the animated movie Monsters Inc. one can understand why children fear the closet at night. The movies said that monsters came from another dimension and they used to scare children because they need the energy of the scream to power their world. However, they come across this one kid who does not scare at all, and after a whole lot of laughs, it dawns on them that laughter had more power than screams. One wonders if the tale is true, but you may have shaken under your blankets in fear, not moving an inch lest the monster in the room got you. Now it is your turn to get the monsters. When you play this free online bubbles shooting game, you are getting your own back. These monsters should be truly terrified of you; shoot them down with a lot of glee, and do not forget to do a victory dance whenever you finish a level. This is a vendetta, and you should have a lot of fun while you are at it; have a great time and keep monsters out of the closet.

Bubble Hunt Game Walkthrough: