Balance Stack Game

Balance Stack Game

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The player needs to stack the shapes one by one without making them fall. After all shapes are stacked, a short timer starts to make sure the stacked structure is stable. If one of the pieces falls, the game is over and the player can retry the level. Consists of Several Shapes, Cube, Triangle, Cylinder, Sphere, and Rectangle. you will play it randomly so it will be more challenging and fun at a higher level up to Level 50. Have fun!

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How to Play Balance Stack Game

Game played with mouse.

Fun Facts About Balance Puzzles

According to WikiPedia a balance puzzle is one of a number of logic puzzles based on the balancing of similar looking items - often coins - to determine which holds a different value within a limited number of uses of the balance scales. These differ from puzzles that assign weights to items, in that only the relative mass of these items is relevant. To find a solution, we first consider the maximum number of items from which one can find the lighter one in just one weighing. To find the lighter one we can compare any two coins, leaving the third out. If the two coins tested weigh the same, then the lighter coin must be one of those not on the balance.

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