Mahjong Grand Master Game

Mahjong Grand Master Game

Mahjong Grand Master Game - Play Free Mahjong Puzzle Games Online

This is a classic mahjong game with some additional and very useful features like shuffle, hint, highlight and most importantly, level editor. The game-play is exactly like classic mahjong game and you can choose from different pre-made templates to play. Have fun!

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How to Play Mahjong Grand Master Game

Use mouse or touch pad to play this fun game. Match all the identical tiles to remove them.

Master Qwan was the Mahjong Grand Master

According to Qwan was a strange person who was able to eat demons. He lived back in the days of the Eastern Han Dynasty China. When he wasn't playing mahjong he spent a lot of time looking for the sutra known as the Essential Arts of Peace which he knows for certain will reveal who he is and what his purpose in life is. The Chinese character for the term Qwans is today used to identify schools of Chinese martial arts (strictly, unarmed disciplines or "Chinese boxing"). It means "fist principles" or "the law of the fist" in English.

Fun Facts About Mahjong

According to there are many fun facts about Mahjong. It is one of the best strategy games of all time. The game originated in China, but, is now enjoyed all over the world. The goal of Mahjong is to eliminate all of the tiles from the board by finding their pairs. Not only is it fun to play Mahjong, but, it is also great for your brain. Studies by doctors have also shown in Hong Kong that the game is beneficial for individuals suffering from dementia or cognitive memory difficulties, leading to the development of mahjong therapy. It is a Chinese classic board game discovered by the world in 1920, fast becoming one of the most played puzzles ever.