Winter Memory Game

Winter Memory Game

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Welcome to the new game Winter Memory. The task is to remember and then open identical pairs. At the first level, there will be only two pairs. But on the tenth - twenty. At first, all the pictures will be open for a few seconds, so that you can remember their location. Then they will turn the same sides, and you will reopen them, deleting the pairs in Winter Memory. Have fun!

12,188 play times

How to Play Winter Memory Game

Use mouse or touch the screen.

Does the Winter affect memory?

We all know that the weather can strongly influence our mood and productivity. Many people feel better when the weather is nice and sunny. It is thus not surprising that people more often feel unhappy and depressed in winter. With regard to cognitive functions in cold weather, studies have shown both impairments and improvements. There has been a lot of research on this field, and scientists have often concluded that colder weather actually tends to be better for memory. When it is gray and gloomy, you experience a drop in your mood and as a result are more likely to focus deeper on the things around you. You become more sensitive to your environment, pay more attention to it, and are therefore able to remember things better. In the test group those in the cooler climate performed much better than those in the hotter climate on both the tests. They had quicker reaction times, faster cognitive speeds, and better working memory. If you feel like winter perks you up while your best friend thinks it slows them down, you may both be right. Science is still only scratching the surface of cold's affects on your cognitive performance. However you feel, though, it's comforting to think that no matter how cool it gets, the brain is snuggled up like a bug in a rug.

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