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Building fortified towers, reinforce the military staff and destroy your opponents in one of our many free online tower defense games! To play Tower Defense Games is an ever changing and exciting gaming experience. You can build extremely stable, fortified towers, or devote resources to arm your troops and hurt your opponents. Our tower defense challenges will put you in a variety of landscapes, from Medieval farmland to deserts to space! There are plenty of variations for each player, from young thrill-seekers to older strategists. Use towers, heavy machine guns, or traditional bow and arrow weapon as you defend your tower and defeat your enemies. Have Fun!

Tower defense is a sub-genre of real-time strategy games

Tower defense is a sub-genre of real-time strategy games. The goal of tower defense games is to try to stop enemies from crossing a map by building traps to slow them down and towers which shoot at them as they pass. Enemies and towers usually have varied abilities, costs, and upgrade prices. When an enemy is defeated, the player earns money or points, which are used to buy or upgrade towers, or upgrade the number of money or points that are earned, or even upgrade the rate at which they upgrade. The choice and positioning of the personal towers is the essential strategy of the game. Many games feature enemies that run through a "maze", which allows the player to strategically place towers for optimal effectiveness. However, some versions of the genre force the user to create the maze out of their own towers, such as Desktop Tower Defense. Some versions are a hybrid of these two types, with preset paths that can be modified to some extent by tower placement, or towers that can be modified by path placement.

Game Play of Tower Defense Games

Tower defense games are characterized by the positioning of static units by the player to defend against mobile enemy units who are trying to get from a start point to an end point. There is a set number of enemy units (or 'damage' the player can take from units reaching the end point) who can reach the end point before the level is lost. Some games use a static route that the enemy units follow around which the player places their towers, while others favor a free-form environment that allows the user to define the path the enemy units take. Others use a mix of both.

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