Another Brick in the Wall

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Another Brick in the Wall Game Online - Play Free Fun Bricks Games

Have you ever worked on a construction site? You get to carry bricks and lay them out so you can build a home, or other structure. In Another Brick in the Wall, you get to be part of a demolition team because you are supposed to remove the bricks that are in the wall. You remove the bricks by matching three or more of the same type. The bricks will then disappear from the board and then they will be replaced by others. You can see your score clearly on the left side of the game. There are no special bricks in this game, but you do get to score a lot of combos. The game is timed and you have to make a certain threshold before the timer gets to zero. You simply have to be very fast when playing it. You can however, pause the game, when you need to attend to another natter away from the game. Your strategy should involve making the most out of combos. If you get a lot of combos, the online bricks game will add you more time; this is great since you get to score a lot more pint for that particular level. Many people like games that have explosions, and other frills, but this is an online game which does not have any of these, but is equally challenging as well. The bricks look frightened that you want to remove them and their eyes follow the movement of the cursor in a manner that is very endearing. So if you fancy yourself to have the guts and skill that it takes to be in a demolition squad, then you can play this nifty, no frills game and see how many points you can make at when you are finished with all the levels. Have Fun!

How to play Another Brick in the Wall game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Everyone Loves Free Brick Demolition Games

It is no wonder that free online gems games are becoming so popular; there are so many types, that you can never get bored of playing them. Some of the games have tales to tell, and others have a theme; others may not even have any of these but they remind you of another genre of games that you love to play. This is how online gems games have evolved. The Another Brick in the Wall game may not have a tale, or have any of the special features found in some games, but it has a theme, and it is that of being in a demolition team. You are tasked with bringing down wall in the shortest time possible. However, the wall is always getting filled buy other bricks, so you have to be very fast. You have to beat the clock, which you can see at the left side of the free online game in the form of a slider. When you play the Another Brick in the Wall game you need to make sure that you have scored as many points as possible before it reaches zero. However, if you must go to the kitchen to get some refreshments, you can put the online game on hold by pressing the pause button. See how much of a free online gems game player by playing this fun bricks game.

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