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Bejeweled games are match-3 or connect-3 - 3-wins puzzle games. These types of online games are available in different versions with different layouts. Here at, we have published a hand picked online collection of some of the best online Bejeweled games for you. You can play Bejeweled html5 games completely free of charge right here on our website. We know you will have a lot of fun with these cool and free match-3 puzzle web games.

Bejeweled is a Browser Based Html5 Puzzle Game

The game Bejeweled is also known as Diamond Mine. It is a puzzle game, and was designed and developed as a browser-based html5 game by the company PopCap Games. In the original Bejeweled web game, rows of at least 3 same colored stones have to be formed. However, there are numerous online clones of the original Bejeweled game, like the ones presented here at, which are not just about the forming of only rows of precious stones. The game Bejeweled or the game type "match-3" or "connect-3" enjoys great popularity with casual gamers on the web. The Bejeweled puzzles exude a charm and an excitement, which it is almost impossible to resist. Have fun with the free Bejeweled games online!

Fun Bejeweled Facts for Online Games

Bejeweled is a series of tile-matching puzzle video games created by PopCap Games. Bejeweled was released initially for browsers in 2001, followed by five sequels: 2, Twist, Blitz, 3, and aStars, all puzzles made by PopCap Games and its parent, Electronic Arts. Since then 100s of similar clones have been made, by developers all over the world. The most well-known is probably Candy Crush, so popular that many people these days refer to this game genre as Candy Crush games. If you enjoy Candy Crush, then you will o play love Bejeweled.