Candy Rush Game

Candy Rush Game

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Candy Rush is a puzzle match game with colorful and beautiful graphics collect three or more of the same candy. The aim of the online game is to reach a given number of points in each level to advance to the next. The more candies of the same type matched in a row vertically or horizontally or in a group the more points you receive. Time is of the essence so hurry and play Candy Rush today. Have fun!

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How to Play Candy Rush Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen to play. Slide the candy pieces to make lines of candy. This is a great puzzle game which helps people learn how to think on their feet. It only takes a split second to decide which the better set is in order to have a good strategy. This will help you in future when you have to make a really quick decision. Many people play free online jewel games without having a strategy on how to get such boxes out of the game. You have to think a few moves ahead and see which the better option is when it comes to selecting certain sets.

Candy is something everybody love to eat

Everybody loves candy and it is one of the most timeless treats that you will ever find. People were probably eating candy before any other artificial tasty treat was ever discovered. That is something that can be brought to debate. However, it is undisputed, children and candy are joined at the hip. This is a fun online game where you are mining for candy; perhaps your mouth is watering as you play the game, wishing that you could have all that candy in your grasp. You probably would call your best friends and share it out, and you would sit and talk about how great candy is. You must remember that too much candy is not good for you. You must remember that too much candy is not good for your teeth and if you do have some, you should try and brush your teeth soonest possible. Take care of your teeth even as you eat all the candy that you would want. Alternatively, play this lovely free online bejeweled game and enjoy seeing many types of candy flowing down as you keep matching them in groups of 3 or more. Get the combos and see how much you score within the given time.