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We have a wide selection of free online Pull the Pin Games. The Pull Pin genre is characterized by simple puzzles in which you have to remove the pins to solve a problem. These web games came about when the smart-phones started to take over the Internet. As they can easily be incorporated into a small screen and only require simple touch they are ideal for smaller screens. These are very addictive brain teaser games, often consisting of many levels, where you must figure out which pins to pull to get to the solution.

Pull the Pin Games offer Simple Controls

Just use your mouse or tap the screen is all that is required to do to play this fun online game. So, the focus isn't exactly about hitting the right buttons, no these are brain teasers where the focus is to pull the correct pin or the pins in the correct order.

What are Pull the Pin Games

Pin Pull Games are fun physics-based puzzle games in which you have to trigger a reaction by (re)moving a pin. This sounds like an easy task, but wait until you play one of those fun games and understand the impact, one single pin can have on it's surroundings. Make the water flow, help a lover find the way to his beloved sweetheart, save a poor fish's life by providing water to him or try to transport as many colorful balls as possible into a bucket. All of those selfless actions can be pursued by the simple task of pulling the right pin at the right time at the right place. These web games are perfect for those who enjoy a brain teasing time out at work, in school or at home. Observe the levels carfully and plan your moves, to pull the pins in the right order.

The Popularity of Pin Pull Games

When cellphones evolved into smartphones, and laptops evolved into tablets, then the Pull Pin game genre got born. The popularity of these types of games have just taken off the recent years, mostly played through Apps, but now also available as mobile friendly free web games. The benefit of playing a web game compared to installing an is that you don't have use a bunch of storage space on your phone. To play this type of puzzle games, you just have to click on the pins to pull them. Your goal is to solve a problem, often rescue someone, or get an object from one spot to another. The consequence of pulling the wrong pin often means the avatar dies or your object break, and you will have to start the level over again.