Sand Truck Game

Sand Truck Game

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Sand Truck is a logical game with trucks. In this game you have to control a sand factory. Sand of different colors is found in the tanks of the factory. The sand is loaded only in a truck that has the same color as the sand. That is why the sand has to go through different pipes to reach the truck. You will control the pins with which you will direct the sand to reach the right truck. Sometimes you will store the sand in warehouses if there is no suitable truck for that sand. This game has 30 levels. They are very interesting and fun, but you have to play with logic to pass all the levels. If you fail to pass a level first, you can just restart that level and continue playing. Have fun!

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How to Play Sand Truck Game

Tap on the pins to play this game. Move the pins to load the trucks with sand.

Sand Truck Game Walkthrough: