Mahjong Link Game

Mahjong Link Game

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Mahjong is a famous board game of Chinese. In Mahjong Link you must match two identical Mahjong blocks. A block has to be free on at least one side. It's a very relaxing and simple game to play. Each mahjong tile in this link game is numbered to identify the tiles more easily. Have fun!

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How to Play Mahjong Link Game

Use mouse or touch the screen. Click on two equal tiles.

The game of Mahjong require both skill and memory

This board game require both skill and memory and the game has an interesting history. Persons have been playing it for centuries and is available in many different versions and styles, including the traditional 4 Player version and Mahjong Solitaire.

How the game of Mahjong shaped modern America

According to an article at Standford University there are significant discrepancies between the mahjong of the American popular imagination and the tile game that has played an important role in developing American culture. Both Jewish American and Chinese American communities were built around mahjong during the 20th century. It is a remarkable game that has retained its core interest and beauty across time and distance. Unlike other leisure games in which "high-stakes partner relationships" pit players against one another, the game requires cooperation and strategy between players, which creates an "ideal forum for interaction between people". Though diverse groups of Americans played mahjong in the 1920s, it is believed that the social aspects of this ancient game help to account for its importance and longevity among minority ethnic communities. Research have shown that this game provided the basis for essential social interactions.