Amazing Jewel Game

Amazing Jewel Game

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You just got the perfect gems and jewels matching game where you match and swap gorgeous jewels to complete the challenging levels. Amazing Jewels Match 3 Game is a brand new high-quality puzzle jewels matching game with the most innovative game-play. Enjoy the amazing sounds with visual effects and graphics. There are also no time limits, so you can play as long as you want, no need to hurry. Have fun!

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How to Play Amazing Jewel Game

Easy to control, easy to play with best graphics. You just have to match 3 jewels in a row and merge the jewels with your single finger.

Jewel Facts for Kids

Jewels (or gems or gemstones) are rare minerals. They are usually colored. They can be shaped to make jewelery. The most famous jewels are the British Crown Jewels. Part of the Royal Collection, the Crown Jewels attract millions of visitors to the Tower of London every year. The biggest earthly jewel is one of the British crown jewels, the 530-carat Star of Africa. Jewels are often treated to enhance the color or clarity of the stone.