Bug Match Game

Bug Match Game

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Bug match is a simple match-3 game that can be interesting for all ages. The web game is score based and doesn't have different levels. Instead you have to do your best to earn as much score as you can during 60 seconds. But don't worry, you will earn additional seconds as you match tiles. The faster you match, the more time you will earn. When you run out of time, your final and highest score will be shown. So try to your best and earn the highest score possible. Have fun!

11,296 play times

How to Play Bug Match Game

Touch on mobile device or mouse on PC.

Fascinating Bugs - Not All Insects are Bugs

There are many fascinating stories of bigs and the roles they play in our lives. All bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs. If you're around many entomologists, using the word bug to describe an insect that is not actually a bug is like scraping your fingernails down a chalkboard, in other words highly annoying. So, why are people referring to insects as bugs? First of all it is a lot easier to say bug than insect. Second people realte better to stories about bugs than stories about insects. Insects are divided into about 25 smaller groups called orders. All insects belonging to an order share certain traits, which is why they are grouped together in the first place. A bug is an insect that belongs to the order Hemiptera. Members of the order Hemiptera are also called true bugs, hence the word bug. If you're being technical, only insects that are true bugs should be called bugs and everything else should just be called an insect. But how do you tell a true bug apart from other insects? All true bugs share two main traits: hemielytra and piercing-sucking mouthparts.