Cube Buster

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Cube Busting Game Online - Play Free Miniclip Cube Buster Game

Busting cubes are fun. Clear the squares and become the quickest cube buster there is. Match the greatest number of cubes for a high score, but don't be afraid to knock out three cubes if it means you stay alive for another drop! Have Fun!

How to play our fun Cube Busting game online

Use mouse, click on groups of 3 or more same colored squares. The POW window is located on the right side of the screen. Wait for the top red line to charge. When the POW is charged you will be granted a special bonus. Sometimes you will gain more POW if you click the bonus icon repeatedly.

The Cube Buster is another fun free game from Miniclip

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What is Cube Busting

With the term Cube Busting it means changing job environment from working within a cubicle (cube) to do something else. Lots of people tend to get tired of sitting within a cube working, and at a certain point in live they decide to quit their office job and do something else. Often they get what we refer to as "cubicle blues". Some of these Cube Busters goes to college and re-educate themself to get a cube busting career. Other decide to bust their cube and get a more traditional non-office job.

Play Cube Buster game online for free today

Do you like cubes and do you enjoy to play free online games? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play our free Cube Buster game online.

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